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Watch this great YouTube video featuring "On A Boat"

Another great YouTube video featuring "Pirates, Guitars & Beachfront Bars"


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SpecsOnTheBeach to distribute 10,000 copies! 


Electric Starfish Music has reached an agreement with to distribute up to 10,000 copies of the debut album by Pirates, Guitars & Beachfront Bars as part of a free gift program. With each sunglasses order, a free gift is offered as a promotional tool for the site. Copies will be offered in the form of a physical CD or a download card from Customers can choose this free gift and it will receive their copy packaged with each sunglasses shipment. “We think PGBB is poised to take the whole Trop Rock sound to a higher level. We love the music and want to help expose them to as wide an audience as possible. On the average we ship 15,000 pairs of sunglasses a year all over the world. I guess we’re in a fairly good position to do that” states Nicole Davis, operating manager for SpecsOnTheBeach. If the download is chosen, customers will enter the code into the CDbaby redemption page and BAM!  A clean and legal copy of our album is downloaded.  Isn't technology great!

Debut album released 


After 2 years, PGBB has finally released its first album.  It was recorded in various studios around the midwest and mixed at Catamount Recording, a million dollar facility in Cedar Falls, IA.  The demo version of our song "On A Boat"  has been circulating for quite some now with almost 25,000 listens on YouTube.  But, here is your chance to hear it the way we intended it to sound!  We are very pleased with the results of the whole album and can't wait for you to hear it.  Hopfully, your listening to it right now.


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Sand In Your Shoes 3
Starfish On My back 2
On A Boat 24
Island Moonlight 0
Sea Bones Justice 0
Beaten With A Coconut 5
The Bomba Shack 4
Guitar Man 2
Hurricane 0
Guadeloupe 3
Swimming Pools 1
Pirates, Guitars & Beachfront Bars 6
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